Stars You Had No Idea Were THIS Short

They say the camera adds ten pounds, but can the same be said when it comes to height? Maybe so, because as we’ve learned while putting together this list for you, there are plenty of celebrities out there who are much shorter than we ever would have thought! A lot of starlets wear heels that help them tower over others, so we can’t always get the hint that they’re as short as they are.

They’re Surprisingly Small!

Others are a little self-conscious about their height, so they do their best to hide it, doing whatever possible to never reveal just how short they truly are. But we have the truth here, with these stars that you had no idea were so short!

Click through to find out who’s been hiding their height! Some barely pass the five-foot mark. These stars pack a whole lot of personality in their small frames. Coming up, find out which musician is only three inches taller than dwarfism height.