Stunning Royal Women Around The World

When you think of royalty, it is easy to think of terms like elegance, grace and poise. These women are stunning by any standards and by American standards especially, they are downright hot. Check out all of these royal ladies who bring new meaning to the term drop-dead gorgeous!

Alexandra of Luxembourg

S A R la princesse Alexandra de Luxembourg

Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg is the fourth child and only daughter of Duke and Duchess Luxembourg. She is a fairly laid-back princess; she lays low and doesn’t cause any controversy. She occasionally makes social appearances at royal events and weddings but not much else to report – she is a “good girl” to a T!

Alexandra is 25 years old, and is completely stunning. She is currently fourth in line to receive her royal crown. If you dream of taking this beauty out, you better be careful – she has three older brothers! The odds of you meeting her are pretty low, unless you can get into royal events and weddings.