Terrible Celebrity Behavior: The Worst of the Worst

Ben Stiller


While hilarious on screen, Ben Stiller isn’t prone to get a lot of laughs from people behind the scenes on his sets. Stiller supposedly fired a worker for not making his coffee sweet enough. According to an extra on the set of Zoolander, Stiller was obnoxious in person, as “all he did was whine. And complain. And throw temper tantrums.” Ouch. Mickey Boardman, the editor of Paper Magazine, said that during a photo shoot, Stiller (who was standing just feet away from Boardman) was not happy with the set. “‘At one point he said to his publicist, ‘Can you call Mickey and say the air conditioning’s not cold enough?’ And I’m like, ‘I heard him because he was standing right next to me,” recalls Boardman. Stiller was apparently too important to relay this information himself.