The Fascinating Life Of Media Giant Ted Turner

We know Ted Turner as the founder of TBS, CNN, TNT, TMC, and other television networks; but the media giant is also a philanthropist, bison rancher, and much more. The media mogul has received dozens of honorary degrees, and his list of accomplishments is impressive. Over the course of his career, Ted has donated an incredible amount of money to charity, owned a couple of sports teams, and raised five children.

While Ted’s success is immeasurable, he’s also experienced some lows, both concerning his family and his health. Read on to learn more about the life of one of America’s most successful businessmen.

Today, Ted is wildly successful, but the businessman was actually kicked out of college.

His Father Was Physically Abusive


Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images

When Ted was young, his father Ed Turner used corporal punishment to control his son’s behavior. Turner recalled his father’s brutal treatment with a straight razor during a 2012 interview with the Hollywood Reporter: “The way you sharpened a straight razor was with a leather strap that was in every barbershop. Not only that, people had them in their bathrooms.”

He added, “It made the knife very sharp — that’s where the phrase came from, ‘razor sharp.’ He hit me with the strap.” Despite the abuse, Ted was unable to hit back. “That’s right — I couldn’t,” he explained. “Because I loved him.”