The Life Of Charlie Murphy

If you take the time to think about some of the funniest comedians that the world has been lucky enough to witness, numerous names come to mind. Richard Pryor for the older generation and today, we have Kevin Hart. One mustn’t forget about Eddie Murphy, however. Then there was Eddie’s hilarious brother, Charlie Murphy. From movies and TV shows to stand-ups, Charlie would have fans clutching their stomachs as they laughed with smiles from ear to ear. On April 13, 2017, Charlie passed away due to his battle with leukemia. Here is a look back on his stellar career and how the rest of Hollywood, including his brother, has taken it.

Charlie And Eddie


Some of the greatest stories begin with a troubled childhood and individuals fighting against the odds to persevere to success. That is exactly how it played out for the Murphy brothers even though their fame would come at different levels.

Before diving into his rough upbringings, let’s see what was Charlie’s highest point in his lustrous career.