The Long List Of People Who Have Been Burned By Trump

The list of celebrities who have publicly denounced the Republican presidential candidate is long and growing by the day. From actress Olivia Wilde, who fired back at Trump after his hateful comments against women, to singer John Legend, who called Trump a racist. Many agree, citing examples of misogyny, racism, and discrimination that Trump has displayed not only through his campaign but through his experience as a businessman and reality television star. The most notable, however, have taken an extra step to make their disapproval known.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher, the talk show host turned anti-Trump activist was actually sued by Donald Trump for comments suggesting the presidential candidate was the son of a orangutan. Bill Maher said that he would give $5 million to Trump’s charity of choice if he could provide his birth certificate, proving he was not. Trump complied, then served Maher with a lawsuit.

Bruce Springsteen

Rock idol Bruce Springsteen has been less than discreet about his hatred for Trump. In addition to mocking Trump’s campaign for president, Springsteen also called him “a moron” and said he was embarrassing. During a concert in Germany, Springsteen pulled signs up on stage that disparaged the candidate, celebrating the mutual disdain for The Donald.

Zachary Quinto

The world is full of high-profile celebrities willing to take a dig at Trump. Similar to some of his celebrity peers, Zachary Quinto of Star Trek fame actually admits to “loathing” the Republican candidate. Similar to Springsteen, Quinto thinks Trump is embarrassing, and hasn’t been shy in sharing his dislike with multiple news outlets.

America Ferrera

Actress America Ferrera, known for her roles in “Ugly Betty” and “Superstore,” slammed Trump for his opinions about immigrants in an open letter on Huffington Post. The actress “thanked” Trump for his hateful words, as she believes it will empower Latino voters to throw their support behind other candidates, namely Hillary Clinton.

Artists United Against Hate

In a petition titled, “Artists United Against Hate,” over 100 celebrities such as Shonda Rhimes, Bryan Cranston, and Mark Ruffalo have pledged to work together to stop Trump from being elected. The group’s mission statement, which is posted on their site, states: “We believe it is our responsibility to use our platforms to bring attention to the dangers of a Trump presidency, and to the real and present threats of his candidacy.”

The Media

Journalists, writers, and news outlets have taken a huge turn against Trump, perhaps with the exception of Fox News, which tends to be very conservative. While Trump claims there’s a bias, historically Republican papers have even chosen to criticize the candidate, many of them breaking long-running traditions to do so. Even publications who have traditionally avoided endorsing candidates at all have come out in support of Hillary Clinton. The most prominent have repeatedly slammed the candidate brashly, vowing to do whatever they can to ensure he doesn’t get into the Oval Office.


The candid sports news site, Deadspin, first took aim at Trump in 2013, which resulted in a viral attack from Trump. After Deadspin revealed that Manti Te’o’s girlfriend didn’t actually exist, Trump tweeted a congratulations to the site for their discovery. The site replied with an expletive directed at Donald, who became angry and argumentative toward the site, calling them losers.

Martin Amis

British novelist Martin Amis perhaps wins for most intellectual Trump insult with his harsh criticism of Trump’s latest book and presidential promises, Crippled America. The book outlines Donald’s plans to “make America great again,” including commentary on immigration and health care. In response to the release, Amis cited America’s need to “heroize an ignoramus” and calling the “Trump manifesto a reasonably good sick joke.”

David Brooks

David Brooks, the New York Times conservative columnist calls Trump “epically unprepared to be president,” due to his narcissism and inexperience. Harping on Trump’s inability to learn anything, he’s claimed that Trump has had “less preparation than most of us would undertake to buy a sofa,” for a run for office.

Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol, the Weekly Standard editor, says that when it comes to character, he doesn’t believe that Trump has the ability to be the next president. He’s spoken out against the candidate’s brash comments about Hillary Clinton, calling them “projection” of his own shortcomings. He’s also criticized Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, and Newt Gingrich for endorsing the candidate.

The Arizona Republic

The traditionally Republican publication opted to break a 126-year history of endorsing Republican candidates. The board stated, “The 2016 Republican candidate is not conservative, and he is not qualified,” behind their choice to support Hillary Clinton. The newspaper joins the ranks of other Republican papers including the Cincinnati Enquirer, The Dallas Morning News and The Houston Chronicle.

Politicians, Including Republicans

Though Republicans such as Ben Carson, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, and Newt Gingrich chose to support Donald Trump, many notable Republicans outright refuse to acknowledge the candidate or endorse him at all. Even Ted Cruz, who eventually endorsed Trump, did so because of his desire to back his #NeverHillary cause. While perhaps not surprising, many Democrats and other politicians have spoken out against Trump in favor of Hillary Clinton.

The Bush Family

The modern day Kennedys, the Bush family, have not endorsed the GOP candidate. Although Bush Sr. and George W. Bush both were Republican Presidents, the Bush clan has chosen to sit out the election, rather than publicly support Donald Trump. It’s not clear who they plan to vote for, but rumor has it that Bush. Sr. has mentioned plans of voting for Hillary Clinton.

Justin Amash

Republican Justin Amash was the first to call Trump “dangerous,” citing him as a much bigger threat than nominee Hillary Clinton or Senator Bernie Sanders. Amash initially spoke out to support Rand Paul then endorsed Ted Cruz, and now has refused to do the same for Trump, calling him a “fear-mongering” politician.

Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson, GOP media strategist, was one of the first to identify Trump as a credible threat. During the early stages of the election, Wilson warned Republicans of Trump’s potential candidacy and now speaks out against those who failed to act. “With the scenery-chewing, oxygen-sucking political black hole that is Donald Trump,” Wilson says, “I have one question for the ‘don’t attack’ camp; how’s that working out for you?”

Lindsey Graham

“It will tear the party apart, it will divide conservatism, “ warns former South Carolina Senator of electing Trump. The Republican believes that Trump’s campaign will ultimately result in a Hillary Clinton win, and “the third term of Barack Obama.” Graham has repeatedly encouraged Republicans to pull support away from Trump, resulting in hateful tweets and remarks from Trump.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is one of the many Republicans who refuses to endorse Trump, believing that he’s unfit to be president. Though he won’t vote for Hillary, Romney outright refuses to vote for Trump. “Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud,” says the former Republican nominee. “His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.”

Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who Trump calls “Pocahontas,” has been incredibly outspoken on her disdain for the Republican candidate, accusing him of bigotry. After Trump criticized Gonzalo Curiel, a Mexican-American judge overseeing one of his lawsuits, Warren cited it as proof that Trump cannot be impartial when it comes to race. Warren has heavily endorsed Hillary Clinton, stating that Donald is “a man born with cash in his fist and hate in his heart.”

Gonzalo Curiel

Gonzalo Curirel, a United States District Judge for the Southern District of California, quickly became one of Trump’s enemies after he oversaw civil fraud lawsuits for Trump University. Trump insists that Cuirel’s Mexican-American heritage is absolutely a conflict of interest, as Trump has publically denounced current immigration laws. Cuirel has not commented, but isn’t taking Trump seriously.

Michael Bloomberg

The former New York mayor, once a Republican and now an independent, is adamant in his disdain for Donald. He was one of the many attendees at the Democratic National Convention who spoke for Hillary Clinton. Though he’s stated the appeal of a businessman to be president, he does not believe that man is Donald Trump, saying, “I’m a New Yorker, and I know a con when I see one.”

Sally Bradshaw

Sally Bradshaw, the former political adviser to Jeb Bush, actually left the Republican party after Trump was nominated. Expressing her deep disappointment for her party’s actions, Bradshaw says that she simply could neither endorse Trump nor the party who nominated a bigot and misogynist. She plans to vote for Clinton if the race in Florida looks tight.

Vin Weber

Vin Weber, a lobbyist who was once a congressman in Minnesota and aide to Newt Gingrich, is also anti-Trump. In fact, Weber plans to leave the Republican party if Trump is elected president. Although he’s not certain if he will vote for Hillary Clinton, Weber says electing Trump would be “a mistake of historic proportions” for Republicans.

Former Investors

Though Trump prides himself on his business savvy, there have been over 3,500 legal actions involving him. Previous investors make up a large portion of the list, citing Trump’s various business failings and bad deals. Even Wall Street banks won’t work with Donald, though Trump claims that his wealth prevents him from needing to borrow from them.

Condo Buyers

The real estate mogul has been hit with multiple lawsuits for properties, including Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico, a Tijuana resort in Mexico that failed to launch. Over 200 investors attempted to reclaim their deposits, totaling nearly $13 million dollars after the project went under. Two other failed real estate projects also resulted in lawsuits after they went under during the recession. In response, Trump claims, “My name is on many successful deals.”

Trump Taj Mahal Investors

Once thought to be a record-breaking casino, expectations for the Trump Taj Mahal crumbled just as the casino did mere months after completion. Trump assigned blame to a failing Atlantic City economy, although financial experts don’t believe that to be the case. Though Trump says no one except for high-level investors lost money, journalist Michael d’Antonio confirms that “anyone who invested in a bond fund or who bought individual securities that were linked to his casinos lost money.”

The New Jersey Generals/USFL

This long forgotten football team from the ’80s, of the former United States Football League, was acquired by Trump in hopes of merging it with the NFL. Trump pushed games from the spring, after the Superbowl, into the fall, to compete alongside the NFL. His belief that this would encourage a merger was proved naive, as the USFL later folded.

Trump University Students

In one of his most high-profile failings, Donald Trump’s Trump University has been described as a con, simply consisting of motivational speeches. A group of former students filed a claim citing that they were misled, and a former salesman for the University spoke out supporting the claims. Ronald Schnackenberg, the salesman, says the school “preyed upon the elderly and uneducated.”

Trump Brand Partners

Former partners such as The Sharper Image (who sold Trump steaks), Milton Bradley (who sold a Trump-themed board game), and Trump Magazine advertisers were all disappointed by their ties with Donald Trump. The Sharper Image reportedly barely broke $50,000 in Trump steak sales, while the Milton Bradley partnership barely lasted a year. The Trump Magazine was poorly timed, as its focus was to advertise luxury goods in parallel with the recession.

Former Employees and Partners

Not everyone who hates Trump is well-known. The man who coined the phrase, “You’re Fired,” has a history of tumultuous relationships with former employees. While Trump claims to be a man of inspiration and motivation, various former Trump employees describe him as self-centered, dismissive and impulsive. One former employee, Barbara Res, states that Trump’s ego is so big, it’s impossible to quantify.

Bernard Goupy

Bernard Goupy, the former head chef at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago, was abruptly let go after six months because Trump critiqued how he made a Caesar salad. Trump apparently threw a tantrum after a customer expressed dislike of the restaurant salad, leading to Goupy being fired the next day. Goupy sued, was unsuccessful, then went on to work for Celine Dion.

Sam Nunberg

Trump’s former political adviser, Sam Nunberg, was let go twice. On the first occasion, Trump fired him because of an opportunity he lined up with BuzzFeed News. Trump disliked the story, so Nunberg was penalized. Later, Nunberg was rehired then fired again, after racist Facebook posts surfaced. Trump released him with a press release that described Nunberg as a low-level employee. Nunberg later exposed potential misdoings by Trump that would violate Federal Election Law.

Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn was an adviser, close friend, and mentor to Donald Trump through the ’70s and ’80s. Though Roy, a well-known attorney, helped Trump form necessary New York connections, he was ultimately cut-off from Donald. Many suspect that this was after Trump discovered that Roy Cohn was HIV-Positive, as he quickly switched attorneys after the diagnosis was made public.

Randal D. Pinkett

Randal D. Pinkett, the first African-American to win The Apprentice, was responsible for overseeing the $110m renovation of the Taj Mahal, as well as other Trump properties in the Atlantic City area. Pinkett, as well as other former African-American contestants of the reality show, spoke out against Trump’s hateful rhetoric and unproductive stances on race relations. “Our allegiance to our country supersedes our relationship with Donald,” Pinkett states. Though he still has the support of Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, Pinkett and the other contestants, don’t support the candidate.

Alicia Machado

The former Miss Universe is now one of Donald’s biggest targets, using her weight gain as an exploitative tactic to humiliate her. Machado, who was Miss Universe when Trump partnered with the company, has been the victim of personal attacks by the candidate. Machado, who recently became a U.S. citizen, plans to vote for Hillary Clinton come November.

Every Day People

Not everyone who’s been betrayed or taken advantage of by Donald Trump is a celebrity, politician, journalist, or a former Trump employee. Trump has a long list of ordinary people who have fallen victim to the billionaire’s manipulation and wild promises, leaving them in his wake. While their David and Goliath stories are motivating, they’re a small sample of the people who Trump has for lack of a better word, tried to trump.

Katie Johnson

Though Trump has denied the claim, a woman named Katie Johnson came forth this past year with a claim that Donald Trump raped her as a teen. Johnson says she was just thirteen when she was forced to engage in sex acts with Trump. Invited to one of his New York parties with the promise of a modeling contract, Johnson claims that Trump and his friend, Jeffrey Epstein, took advantage of her on multiple occasions. The woman has maintained her anonymity and has never revealed her actual identity.

Vera Coking

Vera Coking, a widow, and Atlantic City resident was bullied by Trump in attempts to purchase her home, which was located beside one of his casinos. Trump repeatedly tried to use the government to forcibly make Coking hand over her property, which he wanted to turn into a limousine parking lot. She came out triumphant, and having defeated Trump, called him a “maggot, a cockroach, and a crumb.”

David Milne

David Miline, a resident of Aberdeen, in Scotland, encountered Trump during his quest to construct the ultimate luxury golf course. Trump was determined to bulldoze the property surrounding his land, which included residents of the area. Milne, as well as neighbor Michael Forbes, fought against Trump’s attempts to take their homes. They prevailed, yet endured Trump’s bullying and manipulative tactics to further his agenda.

Trump Tower Construction Crew

The nearly 200 Polish immigrants, called the “Polish Brigade,” weren’t officially Trump employees because they worked off the books. The workers were non-union, illegal workers, which Trump knew, and took advantage of by rarely paying them, if at all. The workers brought Trump to court, and twenty years after the work started, the case was finally settled in the workers favor.

Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel

In a lawsuit, Trump University was accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars per student, in return for an education in real estate that they claimed they never received. In June 2016 the case was not going in the direction that Trump had hoped, and so in true Trump fashion, he claimed that the system was rigged because the judge was Mexican and must not like Trump due to his strong stance on illegal immigration.

“Based on the rulings that I have received in the Trump University civil case, I feel justified in questioning whether I am receiving a fair trial,” Trump said in a statement. “He’s proud of his heritage. I respect him for that. He’s a Mexican. We’re building a wall between here and Mexico.” The judge on the case was Gonzalo Curiel, who is born in Indiana, and whose parents are naturalized U.S. citizens from Mexico. He received a huge backlash from not only the latino community but voters across the board for his comments.

Women Who’ve Worked for Trump

Unsurprisingly, women who have worked for the republican presidential candidate have filed lawsuits accusing Trump of discrimination against women in the workplace. There’s not one, but 20 separate lawsuits filed against Trump for this reason, which includes ignoring sexual harassment complaints, firing women for filing complaints about sexual discrimination and harassment, and for only hiring “attractive” women.

The Apprentice Contestant Summer Zervos

One of the contestants from Donald Trump’s television series, The Apprentice claimed the tv host groped and kissed her while she tried to discuss employment opportunities with him. “I wondered if the sexual behavior was some kind of test, or whether or not I had passed,” Summer Zervos said. Adding that she still doesn’t think she’ll be able to sleep at night by the time she’s 70 years old.

Calling Pageant Contestants His Property

Another woman, this time Miss Washington USA 2013, accused Trump of sexual harassment when he grabbed her bottom and invited her back to his hotel. Cassandra Searles boldy turned down his offer and told him he treats women like cattle. Searles and Paromita Mitra of Mississippi said he told the women he liked when he got them to line up so “he could get a closer look at his property.”

Brande Roderick

While she was competing on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2013, Brande Roderick’s team performed poorly in a challenge. Her teammate Brett Michaels told Trump that Roderick had gotten down on her knees, and begged not to be fired. To which Trump replied, “Excuse me, you dropped to your knees? Must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees” to which Roderick noticeably grimaced on camera.

Ivana Trump

Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana from Czechoslovakia married the real estate mogul in 1977. They quickly became a powerful couple (she had a role in the Trump Organization and was President of the Plaza Hotel) and had three children together. In 1990 rumors led Ivana to believe that Donald was having an affair with Marla Maples, who was a former beauty queen from Georgia. Ivana filed for divorce and Donald went on to have a child, then marry Maples in 1993.

Taxpayers of Palm Beach

Donald Trump owns Mar-a-Lago, a large estate which includes a private club in Palm Beach, Florida. Since acquiring the property, Trump has sued the County of Palm Beach at least three different times, costing taxpayers in Palm Beach County at least $600,000 in the Palm Beach Airport lawsuit alone, which Trump filed for noise violations and trying to expand too close to his club.

Residents of Iowa

Add the people who live in the State of Iowa to the list of people burned by Trump. Early 2016 while on the campaign trail, Trump saw his poll numbers slipping in Iowa, so he made the statement, “How stupid are the people of Iowa?” while speaking at a public event. Needless to say, he wasn’t chosen as the lead candidate for the republic party at the Iowa caucuses.

Working Moms

Trump continually puts his foot in his mouth when discussing women in the workplace. In a 2004 interview with NBC’s Dateline Trump stated that pregnancy is “a wonderful thing for the woman, it’s a wonderful thing for the husband, it’s certainly an inconvenience for a business. And whether people want to say that or not, the fact is it is an inconvenience for a person that is running a business.” This comment caused negative attention, which Trump’s campaign tried to dissolve by including his daughter Ivanka in an ad campaign aimed at working mothers.

Saturday Night Live

One of the most beloved TV comedies to ever appear on American television is Saturday Night Live (SNL). One of the things the show is best known for is their political skits, and the Trump vs. Clinton election was no exception. Known as one who can dish it, but not take it, Trump was offended by the skit that followed the second presidential debate, and tweeted the following morning, “Watched ‘Saturday Night Live’ hit job on me. Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!”


Within the same speech he was giving at his “Special Event for Veterans” to show his support for veterans, Trump flipped his stance and said the military isn’t doing that well. “So I just say this, we’re a country that doesn’t win anymore. We don’t win on trade, we don’t win at the military, we don’t beat ISIS. We don’t do anything — we’re not good.” Although he claimed to have raised over $5 at the event that day, veterans aren’t clear on where the money went.

Mexican-Americans and Immigrants

Throughout Trump’s entire campaign he has said that he will build a wall along the America/Mexico border. When talking about this campaign promise he’s had a hard time not making crude comments regarding Mexican Americans and immigrants. Early July 2016 Trump proclaimed, “What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.” If there was ever a chance, he then lost the latino vote. Residents of Mexico even painted a mural on the border fence in protest.

Stephanie Cegielski

You know it’s bad when the communications director of the campaign quits due to the candidate’s false and outlandish messages. Stephanie Cegielski of Trump’s Make America Great Again Super PAC quit her job, and penned an open letter, detailing her reasons for quitting, an describing her insight from her position on the political campaign. And it’s not pretty, folks. The letter included, “The man does not know policy, nor does he have the humility to admit what he does not know — the most frightening position of all.”

Trump’s Campaign Staff Quit When They Weren’t Paid

In August 2016 Trump’s campaign staff quit, after not being paid. This isn’t the first time that Trump has refused to pay people for their work, and certainly doesn’t look good following his promise to improve jobs. “It’s a complete disaster,” said a former adviser in an interview with the The Washington Post. “They use and abuse people. The policy office fell apart in August when the promised checks weren’t delivered.”

Lewandowski Was Fired

Lewandowski was fired, but he’s sitting pretty with a severance that will total around $500,000 by next year. The former campaign manager, who was seen as a controversial choice for the role, was fired in June after the Trump family had a meeting. When asked by CNN why he was fired, Lewandowski replied, “I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that.” Confusion and disorganization in the campaign most likely led to the campaign manager’s firing, but unlike his staffers, Lewandowski’s payout is generous.

Paul Manafort

After Lewandowski was fired, Paul Manafort was promoted to the position as Trump’s Campaign Manager. However, his actions quickly gained national attention when it was discovered that Manafort may have received $12.7 million for Trump’s campaign, donated by the former Ukranian President’s Party of Regions, for which Manafort was also an advisor for. Just two days later, Trump accepted Manafort’s resignation from the campaign.

Kristin Anderson

Kristin Anderson is another woman who has come forward and said that Donald Trump has made unwanted sexual advances. She reported that when she was in her early 20’s, working as a model, Donald Trump slid his hand up her skirt when they were sitting on a couch next to each other. There had been no introduction or conversation beforehand. Although the incident, which occurred back in the early 1990s, upset her, she didn’t report it. It was only when Trump brushed off his comments that were made public, about grabbing women whenever he wanted to and getting away with it, that Anderson felt compelled to share her story.

“It’s a sexual assault issue, and it’s something that I’ve kept quiet on my own,” Anderson said. “And I’ve always kept quiet. And why should I keep quiet? Actually, all of the women should speak up, and if you’re touched inappropriately, tell somebody and speak up about it. Actually, go to the authorities and press some charges. It’s not okay.”

Edward J. Friel Company

A Philadelphia-based family cabinetry company was hired and given a $400,000 contract to help with the build of Harrah’s casino at Trump Plaza in the early 1980’s. After completing the work in 1984, Trump Organization never paid the remaining $83,600 that was owed to the family-owned business. Without getting paid for the work, The Edward J. Friel Company soon went broke and were unable to operate. Edward Friel Jr.’s lawsuit is just one of many that involve the Trump Organization not paying workers after they’ve completed work.

The Paint Spot

Another family-owned business is involved in a lawsuit with the Trump Organization in an attempt to get paid for work they did on Donald Trump’s National Doral Miami golf resort. The Paint Spot was told they would not be given their final payment of $34,863 because Trump felt that he had already paid enough. The case was presented in the Miami-Dade County courtroom, and Trump was ordered to pay the shop $300,000 in attorney’s fees. Circuit Jude Jorge Cueto ordered that the resort be foreclosed in order to pay the family business. Trump was able to have the auction of his resort canceled, promising to pay The Paint Spot, but that still hasn’t happened.

Megyn Kelly

Although this is the last slide, of the list of people who have been burned by Donald Trump, his battle with Fox News Host Megyn Kelly is perhaps one of his most public feuds. The most memorable shot fired at Kelly is most likely when Trump told Don Lemon of CNN, “She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.” Trump has also called the journalist a “bimbo”.