The Story Behind Tiger Woods’ Marriage To Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods is known for being one of the greatest golfers in the world, but that reputation was quickly tarnished when his marriage went south. Affair allegations and rumors started around Thanksgiving in 2009 and spread like wildfire. As women spoke up about their relationships with Tiger, fans started to question the character of one of the most skillful athletes of the century. Read on to see what exactly happened that costed Tiger his marriage, and almost ended his career.

The Wife Of A Famous Athlete

Elin Nordegren had a successful modeling career in Sweden earlier in life, but it was her marriage to Tiger Woods that made her an international celebrity. Though the couple intrigued the public from the start, the peak of their attention came during their scandalous divorce.

David Cannon/Getty Images
David Cannon/Getty Images

As women started accusing the famous tennis player of having affairs with them, Elin rose to fame as the wife Tiger Woods betrayed. Rumors about Tiger seemed to overshadow Elin’s side of the story.