These Actors and Actresses Despised Their Shows, Movies

Acting is a career that many people dream of having. You see these idols on the TV screen and big screen and you want to be them so bad. It just seems like the perfect life, at least on the outside. Since we do not know these actors and actresses personally, we have no idea how much they enjoying acting, they might have even fallen into their job and despise their work. Check out the actors and actresses who hated the shows and movies they played in.

Check out why Chace Crawford hated his Gossip Girl role.

Chace Crawford – Gossip Girl

The CW
The CW

Chase Crawford’s career was launched thanks to his role as Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl — but he didn’t like the show as much of many co-stars on the hit series.

When the series finale was coming up he said, “I’m gonna look for my dignity. My dignity is somewhere on set.” Losing your dignity is not fun…here’s to hoping he found it!