These Celebrities Were Total Nerds Growing Up

Our favorite celebrities might seem like the coolest people on the planet, but deep down, they’re geeks just like you or me. Being a nerd is actually a compliment nowadays and it’s been helped by the fact A-list celebrities have completely embraced their nerdiness.

Whether you’re a nerd who loves all things science or you’re just a huge Trekkie, you’re not alone. These celebs geek out over things too and they’re not afraid to admit it.

Jason Segel Is Not Shy About His Love Of Muppets

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Rich Polk/Getty Images
Rich Polk/Getty Images

Jason Segel’s first big break came when he starred in Freaks and Geeks, so it makes sense he has his own nerdy past. Segel is infatuated with The Muppets after growing up in the ’80s when they were popular.

Segel doesn’t just say he loves The Muppets, he puts it into action. His character in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall famously sees Segel as a guy trying to write a puppet musical. That dream became a reality in 2011 when he wrote and starred in the musical-comedy film, The Muppets.