These Scandals Will Plague The Royal Family For The Rest Of History

If you think that the royal family is boring, think again. It’s time that you brush up on your royal history knowledge because there is more than enough scandal to go around. The Windsor family tree actually includes a lot of rebels and scandalous actors.

From a king who gave up all his power so that he can marry an American socialite to the love triangles, the tragic deaths, and a princess who partied with the Rolling Stones, this article has it all and you’re about to become the biggest fan of the occupants of Buckingham Palace.

The Love Triangle

If you want TV ratings gold, you should know that 750 million people watched Prince Charles marry Princess Diana in 1981. Can you imagine just how much TV execs would kill for those numbers today? But, after marrying Di, Prince Charles began to have a thing for Camilla Shand.

Bettmann / Contributor
Bettmann / Contributor

Charles and Camilla began an affair just a few years after the wedding. Diana also began to have an affair with her horse-riding instructor James Hewitt. Diana famously said, “there were three of us in this marriage, it was getting a bit crowded.”