They Deserve Better: Celebrities And Their Less-Than-Perfect Kids

The Golden Couple’s Wild Child

The Golden Couple’s Wild Child

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s son is a rapper who goes by the name Chet Haze. He has also adopted a pseudo “blaccent” where he uses pejoratives and slang commonly used by African Americans in urban communities. He made headlines for speaking about his love for black women, and also got chastised for using the pejorative word that begins with an “n.”

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with appreciating the cultures of other groups of people, but Chet Haze took it way too far by trying to appropriate African American culture. Also, using the “n” word is never okay. Chet should have known better!

Tom Hanks: Where Did He Go Wrong?

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In 2014, Chet Haze landed himself in rehab for drugs. It turned out that the troubled youth was addicted to crack and cocaine. Chet said that he has battled substance abuse since he was just sixteen years old and struggled with addiction for years.

Drug addiction is not the only problem that Chet Haze has had in his life. He has also continuously ranted on social media against the likes of Howard Stern, who he threatened to assault. His social media presence is less than commendable and is indicative of Chet’s downward spiral. Poor Tom Hanks; what did he ever do to deserve this?