This Prince Used To Be A ‘Daredevil’ Back In The Day

Prince William used to be a daredevil in his younger days
Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images
Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images

When you think about the royal family, Prince Harry has always seemed like the wild one out of the bunch, but he may have learned a thing or two from his brother. A new documentary titled Prince William at Thirty sheds light on the prince’s past.

With the help of royal experts, they determined that William was once a “daredevil.” Not our Prince William, no way! But the claim holds truth as other members of the family say he loved getting into trouble. A woman by the name of Katie Nicholl, who’s covered the royal family for years, says that William’s nickname was “Basher Wills” in the nursery.

That wasn’t the only nickname William garnered. Parents noticed his behavior on the playground and started calling him “the basher.” William also finessed his teachers. He would always remind them of his position in the ranks of the royal family. His behavior caused some concern within the royal family.

“He was a little bit of a daredevil, he liked getting up to all sorts of mischief,” Dickie Arbiter, a former press secretary for the royal family, shared.

The good news is that his actions never made headlines, but that’s not the same for his brother Harry. Prince Harry once wore a Nazi uniform to a party and played billiards in the nude while in Las Vegas! Those pictures eventually leaked, but he’s toned things down a ton since then. Both brothers have, and that’s sensational for the whole royal family. It would be a shame to see either of these two in the news for acting childish, especially now that they’re both married men with kids of their own. It’s probably best that they teach their children not to make the same mistakes they made.