Twin-tastic: Celebrity Pairs Most People Never Knew About

The Olsen twins may be one of the only pairs of famous twins you can think of, however, there are plenty more celebrities who have a twin. Most of the time only one of them aspired to lead a famous Hollywood life, and the other twin lives a “normal” family life. So get ready to meet these secret twins… some of these might surprise you!

Jon Heder and Dan Heder

Best known for his Napoleon Dynamite film and character, Jon Heder has an identical twin brother named Dan. They are a close pair and started a production company together.

Barry King/FilmMagic
Barry King/FilmMagic

Give them the same haircut and lose the mustache and these guys could have split time on the screen in Napoleon Dynamite and almost nobody would have noticed the difference. This is a great reminder that you can have the face for Hollywood stardom and still go in a different off-screen direction.