What Jason Lee’s Been Up To Since He Stepped Out Of The Spotlight

Jason Lee is a jack of all trades, working as an actor, director, comedian, skateboarder, writer, photographer, and more. Best known for his role as Earl Hickey on the television show My Name is Earl, Lee has appeared in a number of films and shows, usually playing a comedic character. However, over the past years, Lee has stepped out of the limelight to focus on the things that he finds the most important in his life. Check out what he’s been up to.

He Directed A Music Video For Beck

In 2003, Jason Lee was chosen to be the director of the music video for Beck’s track, “Lonesome Tears.” Working on the video helped open the doors of directing for Lee, allowing him to get creative behind the camera, rather than in front of it.

Lee, his wife, and Beck during

After the project with Beck was completed, Lee had caught the directing bug and wrote on his website that he intended to “make something more ‘official’ with his Bolex 16 mm camera.”