Wildly Expensive Celebrity Divorce Settlements

When a marriage doesn’t work out and the couple involved share a massive fortune, heated divorce trials are often the result and millions of dollars are divided among the couple. We’ve compiled a list of A-list actors and top professional athletes who gave up massive fortunes to their significant others.

For some, it was their first marriage that didn’t work out. For others, like Dennis Quaid, it was their third time around. Whether it was infidelity or another commitment they couldn’t keep, these A-listers definitely paid up to end their marriage. One person on this list forked over $425 million!

Greg Norman and Laura Andrassy

Greg Norman is a legend in the golf world. Because of his size and aggressiveness on the golf course, he has earned the nickname “The Shark.” He was able to devour the competition and in the process earn millions of dollars. In 2006, Norman entered into a devastating divorce that cost him nine figures.

Peter Dazeley/Getty Images
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Greg was married to Laura Andrassy from 1981 to 2006 and when their marriage came to an end Laura received a whopping $103 million, taking a huge bite out of “The Shark.”