You Won’t Believe The Types Of Pets These Celebrities Have

Being a celebrity means you can often get away with doing things most people can’t, like owning a ridiculous or exotic pet without question. If most of us owned a monkey, a giant reptile or a tiger, animal services would be at our door before we could count to three. These are largely wild animals and take a real professional to own and care for them. But as they always say — money talks. As a result, a ton of different celebrities have been able to own some truly outstanding pets. Here are some of the weirdest of the bunch — you won’t believe which A-listers own what.

Tori Spelling’s Exotic Stable

Tori Spelling is an actress best known for her work in 90210 a few decades ago. She also comes from an extremely rich family and is likely used to getting what she wants.

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When it comes to pets, what she wants is really quite strange. She owns a couple of dogs, but in addition to those common household pets, her animal companions get very interesting and bizarre. Her collection includes a couple of miniature goats (including one named Totes Mcgotes) as well as a fluffy chicken named Coco Chanel. From a distance, the chicken looks more like a tiny lap dog than a bird.

Kris Jenner and the Monkey she Couldn’t Care For

The Kardashians are arguably the most famous family in entertainment right now — American royalty. When you’re the most famous family in America, you can basically do whatever you want.

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One thing that Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner wanted was a chimpanzee. She publically spoke about wanting one in 2009 and soon enough, she made that dream come true. She named the chimp Suzy. But soon, Jenner realized just how much work the chimp was and sent it to more capable hands. This is a cautionary tale that just because something looks cool and you want it, doesn’t always mean you can handle it.

Paris Hilton’s Honey Bear

While Paris Hilton’s star has faded over the last few years, there is no doubt she was one of the biggest celebs of the mid to late 2000s. While most starlets would opt for a cute lap dog or a cat as a pet, Hilton just had to one-up them all.

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She decided to purchase a Kinkajou, which is a tiny mammal that is sometimes known as a “honey bear.” Best of all, she decided to name the thing Baby Luv. One morning, Baby Luv wasn’t feeling so lovable and decided to bite Hilton which prompted a visit to the emergency room for a tetanus shot.

Justin Bieber and the Pet Monkey we all Know too Much About

The story of Justin Bieber’s exotic pet is truly a crazy one. A few years ago, Justin Bieber received a strange 19th birthday gift from a rapper named Jamal “Mally Mall” Rashid.


That gift was a capuchin monkey that Bieber absolutely loved. He loved the monkey so much he even named it after the man who gave it to him, calling it OG Mally. However, he didn’t love it enough to fill out any of the paperwork to make the monkey legal and thus, the monkey was detained in Germany while he was on tour in the country.

Elvis had his Own Zoo

Ever since he was a child, Elvis had a fascination with animals. He had several dogs throughout his life, but soon after becoming a mega-star, his collection grew larger and much weirder. By 1960, his pet collection at his zoo at Graceland contained pigs, chickens, spider monkeys, peacocks and more.

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He also was the proud owner of a wallaby for a brief time after receiving it as a gift, though he eventually donated it to the Memphis Zoo. He went on to donate another one a few years later. He also owned a chimp named Scatter, who wore clothes and even drank whiskey!

George Clooney’s Roommate

Clooney is one of the most famous actors in the world, but for 18 years, he had a roommate named Charlie. However, Charlie wasn’t a human. Charlie was a pot-bellied pig.

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A few decades ago, Clooney purchased a pig for a pet. He even slept with the pig in his bed, until it got too large. Eventually, the pig grew to a massive 250 lbs and was quite the handful to take care of. Despite this, Clooney kept the pet until he died after 18 years together. He loved having a pig as a pet, but said one was enough for him!

A Zoo at the White House?

The Coolidges refer to the family of former President Calvin Coolidge. While there is a long history of pets in the White House, few have ever been as bizarre as the pets that the Coolidges had.

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Not only did he have one unique pet, he had a stable of them that could rival a zoo. They had a few standard pets such as dogs and cats, but also a laundry list of exotic additions. This list included a bobcat, lion cubs, antelope, and a wallaby. However, his crown jewel was a pygmy hippo. This was one of only a few pygmy hippos in the USA at the time.

Bunnies and More at Playboy Mansion

In addition to the bunnies that reside at the Playboy Mansion, Hefner has a couple of other interesting pets there as well. As with everything about the Playboy Mansion, his animal collection is completely over the top and flamboyant. In fact, the Playboy Mansion is one of the few homes in California to actually have a zoo license.

Source: hollywoodreporter

This Playboy zoo contains a ton of different animals including peacocks, monkeys, parrots, toucans, doves, pelicans and more. In fact, there is also a pet cemetery on the property in which several of Hefner’s deceased animals have been buried over the years.

Mike Tyson’s Tigers

Mike Tyson has managed to make the transition from boxer to actor and entertainer in recent years. But back in the 1990s, he spent his days winning fight after fight and entertaining millions with his athletic prowess. When he wasn’t knocking people out for a living, he enjoyed collecting some extremely strange pets.

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First of all, he had some beautiful white pigeons, an ironic choice for a man who makes a living beating people up. However, his coolest pets were definitely his duo of white Bengal tigers. These reportedly cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars and a hefty monthly fee to keep them fed.

Megan Fox’s Awesome Name for her Pig

Megan Fox is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood. She has been a huge fan of animals since she was a little girl, and now that she’s an incredibly successful film actress, she has all the money in the world to pad her collection.


In her “stable” are a Bengal cat, a parrot, and a pig. All are unique pets to have, but the name she gave her pig makes it stand up above the others. She decided to name it “Piggy Smalls,” which has to be one of the best pet names of all time.

Reese Witherspoon’s Pet … Donkeys?

This actress from Louisiana has definitely left her mark on the Hollywood movie scene. She has had several memorable performances in films such as Legally Blonde and Walk the Line (for which she won an Oscar). However, one thing that you might not know about Witherspoon is that she is the owner of a couple of strange pets.

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She owns two miniature donkeys which live with her at her Los Angeles estate. She decided to name them Honky and Tonky. They are rumored to be very sweet, happy and calm animals, and live in friendship with her other barnyard animals, including a horse.

Vanilla Ice has a Real-Life Kangaroo

While he is getting by on his name recognition now, Vanilla Ice was once at the top of the music world. This fame allowed him some wealth and a nice home — a home that he decided to get a few unique pets for. One pet he decided to get was a goat, but that wasn’t even close to his weirdest pet.

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That is because he owned a wallaby as well, which he named Bucky Buckaroo. These two animals shared a unique friendship and once escaped from his house for a few weeks. Thankfully, they were safely found and returned home.

Kristen Stewart is Team Jacob IRL

Kristen Stewart burst onto the scene in Hollywood with her role in the Twilight series. While we had to wade through five movies to find out whether she’s Team Edward or Team Jacob, in real life, it’s no mystery. From the time she was a child, she became attached to a particular kind of animal.

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Her mother was a breeder of wolf-dogs and Stewart grew to love them. As an adult, she supports the animals every chance she gets. While many celebs want a unique pet to stick out from the crowd, Stewart has a deep love for her pet of choice that dates back to her childhood.

Michael Jackson’s Strange Relationship with Bubbles

Michael Jackson was the king of pop music and hugely famous while he was alive. However, he was also a very eccentric man who did some very strange things. One of the strangest things he did was to have a pet chimpanzee. “Bubbles,” as he was called, was rescued by Jackson from a research facility.

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Bubbles was treated to the high life as he traveled with MJ, used the toilet in MJ’s house and even drank tea. They did everything together, but as Bubbles matured, Jackson knew he had to move on. The chimp was sent to live in a sanctuary for apes.

Salvador Dali’s Pet Ocelot

Salvador Dali is one of the most influential artists of all time. But he was without a doubt a very strange man. His art was pretty “out there,” and it seems that parts of his personal life were the same. His personality was fairly eclectic as was his choice of pets.

Source: anothermag

One of his pets was an anteater, and he might be one of the only people out there who actually owned one as a pet. Also, he owned an ocelot named Babou, and it would often accompany him on his travels, including on riding with him on the S.S. France luxury ocean liner.

Nicolas Cage’s Octopus

Nicolas Cage has been appearing in big ticket films for decades now. He has had some memorable performances, both good and incredibly bad. He has made well over $100 million throughout his career and has been known for spending it on some crazy things.

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One area where he has definitely had unique purchases is in the pet department. When the fact that you own two king cobras isn’t your most shocking pet story, you definitely have some bizarre pets to your name. Cage actually owns a pet octopus, which might just be the strangest pet so far on this entire list.

Charlie Sheen – Worst Pet Owner Ever

Charlie Sheen is definitely among the most publicly eccentric celebrities in recent years. He had a very public meltdown and battle with drugs which led him to lose his spot on Two and a Half Men. It turns out his public image isn’t the only thing that suffered. He might just be the worst pet owner on this list.

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Sheen owned a rather uncommon pet — a unique Chinese water dragon. He bought the small lizard on a whim, but the poor little guy didn’t stand a chance. The water dragon was named Hopper Jr., and died due to neglect from Sheen.

Slash the Snake King

Of all the guitarists on the planet, very few are more well-known than Slash. Slash was the lead guitarist for Guns ‘N Roses and was very successful in the ’80s and ’90s. His top hat look is unique and makes him very memorable. However, something else that is very memorable about Slash is his outrageous collection of pets.


At one point, he had a collection of over 80 snakes, many of which were giant pythons and boa constrictors. But when his first son was born in 2002, Slash decided to get rid of most of his collection for the safety of his family.

Leonardo DiCaprio – A Man and his Turtle

Leonardo DiCaprio is among the best and most successful actors in Hollywood right now, and the guy seems to never be in a bad film. DiCaprio has been known for his dedication to being an environmental activist and lover of animals.


In fact, when he was at a reptile breeding conference a few years back, he decided to take one home with him. His choice was a 38-pound tortoise which he bought for $400. These tortoises can live for around 80 years and will grow to weigh about 200 pounds. Looks like Leo finally has a partner for life.

King George I – Weirdest “Pet” Owner of All

This list has been full of odd pets, but none can touch this next one. King George I of Great Britain ruled from 1714 to 1727. While some rulers had a pet dog and others might have an entire zoo, George kept a human “pet.”

Source: bbc

“Peter” was found in the jungle at the age of 12 and couldn’t speak, walked on all fours and ate grass. George was fascinated with Peter and took him to his summer palace where he gave the boy expensive clothes and he dined with the king. This may be one of the only examples of a human being a full-fledged pet in history.