Student’s Million-Dollar Shopping Spree Ends Once Cops Discover Her Source Of Income

What would you do if you suddenly came into a lot of money? And when we say a lot of money, we’re talking millions. It’d probably be a dream come true and for one woman in Australia, it actually was. When Christine Lee discovered that her bank account was suddenly seemingly bottomless, she took full advantage. But what she didn’t know was where the money was coming from. Then one day, she got a call…

An Ambitious International Student

Christine Jia Xin Lee was a Malaysian student who attended Sydney University. The aspiring chemical engineer relocated to Australia for her studies and unlike a lot of students, was able to get by comfortably.

christine lee was a student at university of sydney

Lee’s family back in Malaysia was pretty well-off, so she had full financial support from her parents at first. With money to help with tuition and supplies, Lee eventually opened a local bank account to keep those funds in a safe place.