People In These Countries Are Not Fans Of Americans

According to a Pew Research Center survey across 25 countries, 43% had an unfavorable view of the United States. More specifically, 72% of countries feel that the US does not take into consideration other nations’ interests. This news suggests that disdain toward Americans on a global scale has less to do with our large waistbands and poor academic ratings, and more to do with the attitudes behind those traits. “Self-indulgent” and “power-hungry” are phrases that some European countries believe apply to Americans, while other countries like China and Iran are more concerned with our take on political affairs. Read on to get a rundown of how these countries feel and why.

Japan Isn’t Buying The US Work Ethic

Tokyo Japan crowds rush moving walking in the busy Shibuya Station area
Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Japan was the only country in a survey by Pew Research Center that believed America plays a less important role on the world stage than it did ten years ago. Japan Today found that a group of college students interviewed in Japan mentioned weight and gun violence as negative aspects of America.

Additionally, USA Today writes that only 25% of surveyed Japanese residents believe that Americans are hard-working. Another 47% of the same group feel that Americans are selfish.