Woman On A Hike Is Surprised To Discover Something In The Background Of A Photo

When two friends went on a hike in Canada, they never expected that discovering a pair of lost car keys would turn into something entirely different outing. What they thought would be a typical walk through the woods turned out to be a mystery that left not only them but also countless friends on social media scratching their heads. Take a look to see what made one image take the Internet by storm and how it solved a mystery.

The Beauty of Dundas Peak

Dundas Peak is a popular hiking spot located in Hamilton, Canada. The particular trail that these two women were on is within Ontario, which is known for its incredible views of the surrounding forest, particularly in fall.

Person by a waterfall
Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Not only is the location full of rocks to climb on and incredible views of the woods, it’s also home to Tew’s Falls waterfall. This makes the area a particularly popular attraction for tourists since the falls are the tallest in the city.