A Puppy Kissed A Fish And The Internet Went Wild!

Wait, is that a puppy leaning into the water to lay one on a fish? Why yes, yes it is my friend. For whatever reason, this fish had the audacity to show itself from the water and the puppy wanted to give it a friendly kiss. Can someone say “awww, how cute?”

The best part of this story came after the unusual kiss, when Photoshop artists around the world went nuts with the image. Some of their hilarious creations are pure “gold.”


Each time you click “next”, you will get to see a different take on how this kiss could have played out, according to some really talented Photoshoppers. Some of the pics are cute, some are funny, and all are view-worthy.

Click next and prepare to laugh.

Fish and the Tramp

Well, we know what is about to happen next. The Tramp is finally getting what he wants, which is an intimate moment with the fish. What more could a dog ask for? Free food and an opportunity to be close to the one he has been crushing on for a just a few hours.

fish and the tramp.jpg

The famous animated movie, Lady and The Tramp, is where this idea stems from. The unforgettable spaghetti kiss scene is one that is often imitated but never correctly duplicated. This photoshop job did a great job at recapturing both the original photo and the movie so kudos to that.

A Stranger Kiss

This one may be unfamiliar to some, but if you know what it is then you are ahead of the curve. Netflix recently released a series called Stranger Things which is currently an eight-episode series about the government keeping secrets from the public. The show is great and a must-watch if you are in need of something to binge on.

Stranger things kiss.jpg

In the show, one of the main characters is a human with super powers named Eleven. The main character of the show and Eleven end up catching feelings for each other and towards the end of the series they are finally going to share a kiss!

John… Travolta?

This takes the awkward Travolta kiss to another level. Yes, it is funny but has he not been tormented enough already? As long as the fish seems to be enjoying it then everything is fine, right? One can only wonder if this photo made it back to Travolta yet and if he laughed or was he livid.

travolta kiss.jpg

The awkwardness originates from most likely the time he won an Oscar and went in to kiss the beautiful Scarlett Johansson. She seemed hesitant at first and just kept her head straight making Travolta have to get a kiss on the cheek. We’re sorry you had to experience that, Travolta.

The Shark wants a Kiss

Poor puppy, she doesn’t know that she is about to get eaten alive! In the last Photoshop image, the puppy was completely gone, but in this one, it is the fish that has been replaced. And not replaced with a human but with a life-threatening predator. Do think sharks would eat a puppy if given the chance?

shark kiss.jpg

The commentary for this is simple, the shark smelled blood near the dock and the puppy was simply looking at her reflection in the water. Moments later, the shark comes up and spots the innocent puppy and the rest is left up to your imagination.

If Roles were Switched

Whoever did this one has skills and a slight sense of humor. The idea itself is not as funny as the other ones which is why the person only has a slight sense of humor.

Switched kiss.jpg

If you showed this to a little kid they may be amused and wouldn’t stop bugging you until you take them to the water so they can try and spot a swimming dog and land-dwelling fish. Would you have it in you to break their hearts and tell them this does not exist and it is just a fake picture? Don’t show this one to the kids.

Farewell Kiss

Now this one is pure genius. The fish is devastated that her man, er… the dog is going away and wants one last kiss goodbye. The train begins to pull away slowly and as it picks up speed the fish gets frantic and sprints after him for one final farewell.

Train get away kiss.jpg

There are many black and white train and bus photos of people kissing like this one, so it is hard to tell exactly which one it originates from. That does not discredit the creativity of the person who made this Photoshop. It is a feel good story in real life and turned into a funny image online.

Kiss Cam!

Wow, the two made their way all the way to the Staples Center! Hopefully, this was before Kobe Bryant retired so they got to see LA’s GOAT before he left. While they were enjoying the game, they got spotlighted by the kiss cam. Sometimes that could be embarrassing, but they took full advantage.

kiss cam.jpg

If you notice, it even says this took place on Valentines Day. How romantic of the person who made this image to do that for the puppy and fish. People get more and more creative as the days go by and this is a prime example.

Art Kiss

This is a very classy image right here. You have to have a particular taste or set of knowledge to even know about this. It is called Echo and Narcissus. There is supposed to a be a man in place of the puppy and he is simply in love with his own reflection as the woman watches.

Artsy kiss.jpg

Nice adjustment to add the fish to this Greek mythology painting. The basis of this painting is that the man, who is supposed to be where the dog is, rejects sexuality (presumably the half nude woman) and falls for his own reflection. Ironic that the dog is getting a kiss.

Kanye, Cameras, Fishes

You may be aware that Kanye West is no fan of the paparazzi. That makes this image so much funnier due to the cameraman posted right next to Kanye. He also has a hoodie on underwater which is not particularly practical in any situation. What’s up with that, Kanye?

kanye kiss.jpg

There are several reasons why Kanye is not fond of the paparazzi and privacy is one of those reasons. We can assume no one would want to see him giving a fish a kiss! Kudos to this photoshop guru because if Kanye sees this image, it will be one more thing for him to rant about.

Happily ever after

This is the day you will cherish forever, your wedding day. Capturing the moment of your first kiss after being officially wed is something you have to do and it looks like the photographer got the job done perfectly. The background is very scenic and it captures the moment just right.

wedding kiss.jpg

To think about this must have been funny for the person whoever came up with it. “You know what, I’m going to make these two animals have a wedding,” must have been the conversation the artists had with his or herself. Adding the scenic background must have been a task also.

Hungry Fish

This puppy chose the wrong goldfish to try and get a peck from. Clearly, the fish had a huge appetite. You have to feel sorry for the puppy at this point because all it was trying to do was be sweet. Kind of like when your girlfriend snaps at you and you do not know what you did wrong.

Fish eating dog.jpg

It could possibly be that the fish can just be getting a sample of the puppy. Have you ever seen the teeth of a goldfish? How will it even be able to eat this dog? Again, another great Photoshop job here.

Hungrier Dog

Hungry fish, meet the hungry dog. Perhaps this was the puppy’s plan the whole time. We think the puppy just wanted a kiss, but it could have been just deprived of food that day and wanted to see what all the rave was about goldfish. Probably found out that these were not the same goldfish crackers.

eating fish.jpg

Well, the fish was almost completely cropped out of the image with only his tail remaining. That’s talented work right there because the spot where the fish should be placed is edited so well it looks like nothing was meant to be there to begin with. Those Photoshoppers can do anything.

The Jealous Fish

Goodness gracious, the girlfriend of this fish has a frying pan in her hand and she is not afraid to use it! Didn’t someone teach the goldfish or the dog that cheating never got you anywhere? Someone is about to cracked pretty hard and it looks like it might be the cute little puppy!

jealous fish.jpg

Let’s dissect this situation, shall we? Upon further review, we see that the ladyfish is coming to smack the puppy. When really she should be slamming the other fish for creeping around. Maybe she will handle him after the dog gets dealt with, but that should have been her first target.

Skydiving Romantics

This is for those who will go the distance just to show they are in love. The symmetry during the fall is flawless as well, as is the way the helmet fits so snugly on the head of the fish. They may be so into it, that they might forget to pull the string for their parachutes!

free fall kiss.jpg

From this angle, the puppy kind of favors a younger Tom Cruise. Now when you look at the photo, it makes you wonder if the woman was even Photoshopped in and that image of the guy is, in fact, Tom Cruise from a Mission Impossible scene.

Kiss the Tank

You know we are not supposed to tap the glass of a fish tank. Is it okay to, let’s say, kiss it? The puppy does not care about rules obviously and proceeds to kiss the tank with no questions asked. Hopefully, the tank was cleaned properly before the puppy did this.

Aquarium kiss.jpg

This Photoshop job was quite simple and could actually be completed on paint. It just looks like it was rotated a certain direction then the danger sign was added on the side. Just find one of those images on Google and crop it to fit how you want. You are now a photo editor.

Titanic Reenactment

First Leo loses a crazy fight to a wild bear and now they portray him as a lowly goldfish. At least in this one, he won’t have to die because he won’t sink and he can simply just swim away. The concern here should lie with the puppy because who knows if she will fall off the debris.

titanic kiss.jpg

This Photoshop job is a bit complex, but you can easily get the idea of it. If it were not for the sinking ship in the background it may have been hard to make out what this was even about, with the cold hue it has to it.

Kissing to the Gold

You have to add theatrics to your couples ice skating routine to bolster your score. You cannot just go out there and skate well. That is not enough these days. Why not throw in a kiss to spruce up the emotional value of your performance? The crowd will love it and the judges would get a kick out of it too.

skating kiss.jpg

This one is almost as good as the skydiving one. And quite frankly, putting animal heads on the body of humans will always be comical. The only question is, how did whoever made this know the dog was a guy?

Sailor and the Fish

The fish dog just got back from war and he was vehemently looking for his lady! Once he laid his eyes on her he couldn’t take his paws off. All in the middle of traffic, too. Everybody watching is in awe and all are equally happy for Mr. Dog.

sailor kiss.jpg

This is an iconic photo based on a moment when WWII had ended. The kiss itself was not a romantic one, it was more of a celebratory kiss. Nothing wrong with that, but that information was not revealed until decades later when the people kissing were finally found and interviewed. Let’s just say the dog and fish are celebrating too.

Photoshop Creations

As you can see, the world wide web and those who inhabit it cannot resist turning something so adorable to something totally different. From the Kanye West one to the dog eating the fish, some of these ideas were completely off-the-wall.

Killer whale kiss.jpg

Maybe some of these people can use their talents to try and get a job making crazy Photoshopped images. Some of them did not even look like they were edited and a few companies could use a talent like that for their business ventures. One thing that can be agreed on is that the original image is something that rates at a 10 on the cuteness scale.