These Actors Made Insanely Unrealistic Demands On A Film Set

Have you ever suspected that famous movie actors could be brats behind the camera? The perks of casting a big name star come with the risk of entitlement, as these directors and films crews know all too well.

What do you do when your main actor stops all film production over a hat? Or when a big star won’t step onto the set without a private garden and hot tub? At some point, the show must go on. Here are several actors who made wild, unrealistic requests on a film set–and got their way.

Ben Affleck Refused To Film Over A Hat

Ben Affleck in the Gone Girl trailer.
Gone Girl/20th Century Fox
Gone Girl/20th Century Fox

Ben Affleck is a well-known Boston Red Sox Fan. So it may not surprise people to learn that he stopped filming Gone Girl for four days over a hat. No, not a Red Sox hat–a Yankees hat. Director David Fincher wanted him to wear a Yankees hat during a scene, which Affleck refused to do.

After a fight that wasted four potential film days, the star and director eventually settled on a Mets hat. Affleck later described the hat brawl as a “legitimate fight.”