Actors Who Were Left Permanently Damaged After An On-Set Accident

Tom Hanks In Castaway

Photo Credit: PagontradLT / Youtube

While Tom Hanks isn’t necessarily known to lose himself in the role that he’s playing, he has gone to extremes on a few occasions. One of those was when he starred in the movie Castaway and lost an insane amount of weight. He was malnourished and lost weight at a pace he never had before during the shooting of the film.

Hanks thinks that losing that weight and then having to gain it back quickly after, along with being “genetically inclined” may have been contributing factors to being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Hanks says he probably won’t be taking on a role like that again.

Mila Kunis dropped down to 95 pounds for a role and she hasn’t been the same since.