Apple’s Emoji Updates: Everything You Need To Know

The Apple Messages app in iOS 10 is getting some major updates. One of the biggest changes to the platform is a set of new emoji features that make it easier than ever to use the specialized graphics.

During the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple debuted changes to its popular Messages app that include “smarter” emoji features users are sure to love.



No more hunting for emoji

The former emoji system requires users to search for emojis in the hopes of finding the right graphical emotion. That’s not always an easy task given the increasing number of available options.

With the new update Apple has improved its Messaging app so users can simply type their messages and the keyboard will offer emoji suggestions that fit the words being typed by the user.

Make no mistake about it, the iPhone maker isn’t just using this technology to improve emoji. The company is also building a robust digital assistant that can provide user-based predictions that can simplify general smartphone use throughout the day.

Emoji search technology has been gaining prominence in recent months. Google recently debuted a smart keyboard to the iOS app store in May called Gboard that provides the very same type of functionality for a smartphone users keyboard. The Gboard even allows users to search Google and GIFs in the app.

Highlighting emojis makes life easier


Apple has also issued an update that can highlight certain words in a message. Once a word is highlighted the sender can choose if they want to turn those selected words into a corresponding emoji.

Apple says it is “emojify” messages by converting typed words into emojis.

In this case bigger might be better

Apple has also taken steps to supersize the emoji. Now, users will find emojis that are up to 300% of their original size. A quick look at the new size difference shows the added attention mobile users have started to play on icon-driven options.

Why is Apple making these emoji changes?

Apple is attempting to create a more customizable experience for users that is easier to use in real-time.

Along with sending emoji with the click of a button, Apple has also debuted hand-written messaging and the ability to increase or decrease the size of a message by speaking at increasing or decreasing rates.

Combine together all of Apple’s creative new emoji features alongside highly customizable messaging options and users are given the ability to add a bit of extra personalized touches to their messages.

Messages is the most popular app on iOS so it stands to reason and the new features would be built-in to target other third party messaging apps like Snapchat.

It’s no surprise Apple would make its proprietary messaging app focused on graphical options since those features are important to millennials and other younger generations who have been accustomed to graphical chats.

Federighi joked that future generations will have “no understanding of the English language” thanks to the use of Apple emoji technology.

Between Apple’s newest emoji update and a growing messaging facebook with Facebook, Snapchat, and other app manufacturers, this is probably only the first of many new emoji features we see from Apple in the coming years head.