Award Winning Costumes That Brought Films To Life

There’s so much that goes into making a memorable, eye-catching film, including what the actors are wearing on screen. It’s up to costume designers to create looks that will truly bring the stories to life, whether that means creating designs that look otherworldly or crafting the perfect period pieces that are accurate to the time the movie was set in.

These award-winning costumes are deeply unforgettable, to audiences and the actors who wore them alike. After seeing these costumes, there’s no doubt that the designers behind them deserve to be recognized. What would our favorite movies be without them?

The Great Gatsby Costumes Were Gorgeous


In 2014, costume designer Catherine Martin won an Oscar for her work in The Great Gatsby, and the movie was a total family affair since her husband, Baz Luhrmann, just so happened to be the director. In order to bring F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic story to life, Martin designed some of the costumes herself from scratch, while others were altered versions of Prada dresses. “I had a workshop of about 90 people,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I designed and had made all of the principal women’s costumes within that workshop, and a lot of the incidental male costumes.”