What The Mouse Doesn’t Want You To Know: Backstage Secrets About Working At Disney

Walt Disney World really is one of the most magical places on earth. From the thrilling rides to the incredible character encounters and the delicious food; a trip to Disney is certain to be remembered forever. But, all the special memories made there are made possible by a lot of behind-the-scenes rules amond work.

Some cast members, after leaving, have shared some of the secrets they learned while working in the parks. These tidbits of information are sure to shock you, teach you something new and make you excited for your next vacation down to Orlando, Florida. Keep reading to learn more!

Strictly Business

When you’re working at Disney World, you can’t have any visible tattoos, you have to have your long hair neatly pulled back (unless it’s part of a costume), and must wear neutral-colored nail polish. In addition, your costume must be kept immaculately clean!

Disney Parks
Disney Parks

While some of these are obvious to anyone who’s visited the park, keep reading to learn some seriously revealing secrets from Walt Disney World. You will never look at Disney World the same again after this!