These Streaming Home Design Shows Will Give You The Remodeling Bug

Back in the old days of cable television, HGTV ruled supreme when it came to home design shows. Fortunately, now there are a variety of streaming services that offer everything from renovation to real estate to design competitions. Whether you’re interested in homes that are grandiose, tiny, transformed, international, or all of the above, there’s a streaming series for you. These shows are so enticing, they may have you itching to redesign your own home.

Instant Hotel Is A Home-Hotel Competition Show

Thanks to Airbnb, transforming your home into a travel spot is more realistic than ever. Instant Hotel follows homeowners who converted their living space into hotels. The contestants compete to see whose home-hotel is the most impressive.

Seven Productions
Seven Productions

The twist is that there isn’t a panel of judges determining who wins. Instead, the contestants stay in each other’s places and rate one another. Based on factors such as location, design, and quality, one homeowner emerges with the highest score and wins a prize! Check it out on Netflix.