Top Rated Netflix Original Series You Won’t Want To Miss

Streaming platforms have taken over the world of entertainment with millions of people subscribed to at least one. Netflix has been changing the game with a ton of original content and other streaming platforms soon followed in their footsteps.

Many of Netflix’s original series have more viewers than shows on the major cable networks. Scripted shows, docuseries, and miniseries are a big part of their viewership. Find out which Netflix shows are the best according to factors such as critics’ picks, audience reviews, and more.

Unorthodox Is Relatable On Many Levels

Unorthodox is a four-episode miniseries that was both a critic and audience favorite. The show revolved around a woman (Shira Haas) coming of age in Brooklyn, New York who escaped her ultra-Orthodox life and arranged marriage to start a new life abroad.

shira haas in unorthodox
Studio Airlift/MovieStillsDB
Studio Airlift/MovieStillsDB

The unique storyline was actually very relatable and had audiences rooting for the protagonist at all times. Unorthodox was nominated for several Primetime Emmy Awards and ended up winning Outstanding Directing with director Maria Schrader.