The Best Spin-off Series To Ever Grace A TV Screen

What if your favorite TV show never ended? It would be a great treat, but sadly that can’t happen. Since shows can’t last forever, producers came up with the next best thing, spin-offs. That’s when a character from the main series has some popularity, and then he or she gets their own show. Whether or not that new adventure is fruitful or not entirely depends on the ratings that come after. It’s a smart way for networks to continue profiting off the original, even if the spin-off doesn’t last as long. Continue reading and find out the best spin-offs to ever hit the TV screen.

The Adventures Of Mork And Mindy

Since Mork and Mindy was a “planted” sitcom, it’s safe to say it’s one of the most successful sitcoms of all time. The show began as an episode in Happy Days when Mork (Robin Williams) appeared in a dream.

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The show started as a farce but was an immediate success. Thanks to a time slot change and change of tone in season two, the ratings suffered. Showrunners tried to revive the series, but it eventually got canceled after four seasons. Williams was a comedic superstar at that point, so we’re guessing he didn’t mind that much.