Films That Prove Big-Budget Productions Don’t Equal Box Office Hits

Just because a movie has a big-time budget, it doesn’t mean it will be successful. Many films flop, such as How Do You Know, only grossing $48.7 million off a $120 million budget, proving big-name actors and money don’t equate to a movie good.

Sit back, relax, and maybe add these upcoming big-budget flops to a do-not-watch list.

Gods And Generals

Warner Bros. Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures

While historians praised Gods and Generals for its historical accuracy, it didn’t save the film from flopping at the box office against a big-time budget of $56 million. Following the early days of the Civil War, the period drama had great bones with nothing holding it together.

Grossing only $12.8 million at the box office, reviewers said the movie was “Filled with two-dimensional characters and pompous self-righteousness, Gods and Generals is a long, tedious sit.”