Where The Cast Of My Three Sons Is Today And Fun Facts About The Show

With an impressive run between 1960 to 1972, My Three Sons follows the life of a widower and aeronautic engineer as he raises his three sons along with the help of his father-in-law. The series played a major role in both ABC and CBS’ lineups in the 1960s and became the third longest-running sitcom to ever hit television. Take a look to see where the cast of this classic show is now along with some fun facts that even the most die-hard fans might not know.

Casting Changes

Picture of the original cast
CBS Television
CBS Television

Initially, the show featured William Frawley playing the character of William Michael Francis ‘Bub’ O’Casey. However, due to an illness, he was then replaced by William Demarest.

Furthermore, the eldest son Mike, played by Tim Considine, was written off the show in 1965 after getting married. In order to keep with the continuity of “three sons,” Chips friend, Ernie, was then adopted into the family. Currently, the show remains the third longest-running sitcom in television history.