Celebrity Chef Scandals And Feuds That Go Beyond The Kitchen

It’s easy to think television chefs and culinary personalities live idyllic lives and that nothing bad goes on beyond their perfect kitchens. They rarely make tabloid headlines, but that doesn’t mean their lives are squeaky clean. If they’re not facing the flames of a public scandal, they’re often stirring up the drama with other chefs! Here are some of the juicy tales these celebrity chefs would like you to forget.

Dinner: Impossible “Chef” Was A Fraud

Photo Credit: Rebecca Sapp/WireImage
Photo Credit: Rebecca Sapp/WireImage

Robert Irvine is primarily known as the host of Dinner: Impossible, but in 2008 he was known for being a colossal fraud. Food Network dismissed Irvine from his show for lying on his resume, claiming that he had made Princess Diana’s royal wedding cake and that he was a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.

Irvine’s credibility came into question, including claims he’d served as a White House chef. In 2008, the disgraced foodie set the record straight, although it was true that he previously worked in the White House. Food Network reinstated his contract the following year.