Movie And TV Characters Who Made The Worst Decisions And Ruined Everything

When watching a movie or television show, audiences look to the characters to determine if it is something worth seeing.

It can hurt a bit when they make a bad character decision that ruins their development. Whether they ended a relationship, betrayed a friend, or risked their life, here are the characters who made the most questionable choices and had audiences contemplating tossing their TVs.

Georgia In Ginny & Georgia

Ginny & Georgia has become one of Netflix’s most-watched shows, but some viewers had concerns over Georgia’s storyline with Cynthia’s husband.

woman fixing girl's hair on ginny and georgia

Cynthia’s husband had been in a coma during season two, which caused Cynthia to feel a lot of grief. Georgia decided to smother her husband in order to let Cynthia and her husband’s suffering end.