Check Out How Your Favorite Musicians Stumbled Into Choosing Their Now-Iconic Names

It’s hard to imagine some of your favorite bands or musicians with a different name. But not everyone is born with a perfect stage name, and not every band derives their name from a great epiphany. Some musicians find the inspiration for their names in unlikely places — whether their critics, books, and even lawsuits.

From Fleetwood Mac’s decades-old drama to the real Jane who inspired Jane’s Addiction, take a look at these fascinating stories behind the names of your favorite bands and musicians.

Fleetwood Mac Didn’t Want Their Bandmates To Call It Quits


GAB Archive/Redferns/Getty Images

Rock band Fleetwood Mac had a rocky start, and their name reflects their attempt to keep two of the band members from leaving. The band began in 1965 when Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, and Jeremy Spencer joined forces. The three set out to find a permanent bassist and ended up signing John McVie.

The bassist and the drummer of bands are notoriously underappreciated. Green wanted to be sure to keep those two players around if they ever made it big, so they named the group after drummer Fleetwood and their new bassist McVie. The plan worked because Fleetwood and McVie are the only two remaining original members.