Feel Like A Kid Again: The Most Coveted Lego Sets Money Can Buy

“LEGO” means “play well” in Danish, and this brand’s play-sets have always been a fun yet relatively expensive toy. The following sets are not your average LEGO models and are extremely coveted by fans. Some of these sought-after sets are based on famous movies and many of them are just classic LEGO sets that were discontinued — making them extremely rare. How many did you own growing up? Check them out! You might be sitting on a goldmine

Taj Mahal

This royal set was designed for very experienced LEGO builders. The ultra-rare model includes a whopping 5,922 pieces which includes rare LEGO elements which are not included in other sets. It has minarets, towers, arches, and domes just like the real Taj Mahal.

The model measures about 16 inches tall and 20 inches wide. It’s available for about $3,700. How much are you willing to pay to get one of the most prized Lego sets around?