Did ‘Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood’ Get The Facts Right?

Quentin Tarantino’s ninth project Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood is an ambitious fairytale telling of life in Hollywood during the ’60s. Bringing Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio together for the first time was a stroke of genius and Margot Robbie also plays a vital role, depicting the late Sharon Tate. Critics have generally enjoyed the movie with an 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That all sounds sensational but did the directing genius get everything right? Here’s what Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood got wrong and right, as well as a look at the characters real-life counterparts.

Happy Ending For Tate

Viewers didn’t have to witness the real fate of Sharon Tate, and that’s probably for the better. What Tarantino chose to do was send three members of the Manson Family to Dalton’s home (DiCaprio), which was next door to Tates.

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Sony Pictures

When Pitt and DiCaprio’s characters realize the Manson’s aren’t there for a drink, the big fight ensues. Instead of brutally murdering a pregnant Tate, we saw two fictional characters fight for their lives. We’ll dive more into this later.