DIY Decor: 25 Christmas Ideas For Your Home

‘Tis the season to gather and celebrate with family and friends. These fun and creative DIY ideas will help you make every room look special and as festive as possible without breaking the bank.

Bonus: they’re fun to do in groups, too. Why not host a pre-Christmas crafting party? Just provide snacks and beverages, and give your guests a list of required supplies beforehand. You’ll create treasured memories and keepsake mementos at the same time.

25. For the birds


What could be more fun than making ornaments that are as functional as they are cute? These birdseed ornaments are adorable, and your birdie friends are sure to love them too.

Ingredients: birdseed, raisins, suet, beef fat or coconut oil, cake molds, cake pop sticks and raffia or twine.

Mix two parts bird seed to one part fat, add raisins and birdseed, and form in cake molds. Use cake pop sticks to poke a hole for the twine. Put the ornaments in the fridge to harden them and string with your twine afterward.

Your bird friends will thank you!


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