These Shows Have Renewed Or Canceled By Netflix For 2020

Every year, streaming giant Netflix must make the decision to renew or cancel its original programming. The decisions can often be complicated, as fans struggle to find a reason to the rhyme or reason. Why does a critically acclaimed show like Ozark get canceled while less popular options are allowed to thrive? These are the shows that Netflix has renewed and canceled in 2020 so you can know whether to grab a tissue box or dance in celebration!

The OA – Canceled

The OA premiered on Netflix in 2016 with eight episodes. Created by and starring Brit Marling, the show follows a woman named Prairie Johnson, who suddenly re-emerges after having been missing for seven years.

the oa netflix

After the first eight episodes aired, it took three years for season two to arrive. Billed as “Part Two,” the last eight episodes received universal critical praise. Ending on a cliffhanger, fans were left devastated when Netflix announced they would not be producing a third part in August 2019.