The Matrix Is Now 20, Here Are The Most Bizarre Facts About The Franchise

On March 31, 1999, Lana and Lilly Wachowski changed the way moviegoers experience films forever. Besides earning $463.5 million worldwide at the box office, The Matrix was ahead of its time, so much so that one prolific actor turned down the role of Neo because he didn’t understand the direction the film was going to take (more on that later). Two decades have gone by and The Matrix Trilogy aged better than most movies that old. Let’s get to know the franchise better, shall we?

Explaining The Matrix

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Warner Bros.

The Matrix must have been a lot to dissect in 1999. Today, even the densest films get accompanied by a thorough breakdown of the movie by some random YouTuber. That’s probably why the cast of The Matrix was suggested to read a dense piece of postmodern philosophy called Simulacra and Simulation.

The book is basically about the idea of any realistic simulation being indistinguishable from reality (sound familiar?). Keanu Reeves had it the worst because he had read that book as well as Out of Control, which was a book about the impact of machinery.