This Is Unbelievable! Facts You Didn’t Know About Curb Your Enthusiasm

“I was planning on my future as a homeless person. I had a really good spot picked out,” Larry David once said. From Seinfeld to Curb Your Enthusiasm, we’re glad David’s former plans didn’t come to fruition. The past few decades, the comedian has brilliantly provided his fans with some of the best in comedy. Sometimes, it feels like you’re watching the real David and not just a fictional character when enjoying Curb. If you’ve felt like that, then we’ve got some facts for you! There are so many gems from this series you’ll be glad you kept reading more.

Larry IS George Costanza

george and larry david
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Those who’ve watched Seinfeld more than likely made the transition to Curb Your Enthusiasm once Larry David debuted his series two years after the finale of Seinfeld. If you were one of those fans, then something might’ve seemed familiar to you.

While both David and Jerry Seinfeld worked on Seinfeld, each added their own twists to the characters. Something you might not know is that George Costanza’s personality is based on David! As you watch both shows, the similarities become apparent.