Beauty Trends That Aren’t Going To Age Well

Beauty trends come and go from year to year and season to season. How many among us can look back at a picture from years ago and think, “Yikes…” You’re not alone! The following trends are sure to join the list one day. Check out some of the current beauty fads that definitely won’t age well.

Instagram Brows


Instagram brows have been the number-one offender for a while now. Let’s make one thing clear, what looks good on the ‘gram does not always translate into real life. However, that hasn’t stopped people from rocking the look. Instagram brows can come off looking super square and fake. When it comes down to it, the best rule is: the natural look is always best!

Lollipop Lips


Lollipop lips are one of the newer trends on the spectrum of Instagram looks. This look involves what looks like smudged lipstick around the mouth or like you just ate a lollipop like a five-year-old. It’s cool for artsy photos, but not exactly wearable at your local grocery store so we’re gonna have to vote no on this one!

Insect Nails


Nail art has really been all the rage as of late. From nails that come in a large variety of shapes to various form of embellishments, there is something for everyone. However, one trend that is probably not going to stand the test of time is having dead insects on your nails in some kind of Jurassic Park insect-trapped-in-amber nightmare. We don’t want a scorpion in our room much less on our actual body!

Full Face Highlighter


Highlight and contour have definitely been all the rage over the last several years. However, some people really take the trend over the top. There have been a few challenges and also the idea of “strobing” that includes over highlighting your face. Unfortunately, the result looks more like an over-shimmery mess than anything remotely natural. It’s a pass for us!

Wavy Brows


We have no idea why wavy brows became a thing this past year, but they did and we don’t understand it. This look is exactly what it sounds like but we can only imagine in 10 years people will be looking back on this with a mixture of “No!” and “What the heck?”

Over Contoured Faces


Contouring can be a great thing when it is done minimally and blended well. It can certainly enhance the structure of your face. That being said, all too often people go over the top with the contour. Instead of looking like they have a well-chiseled face, they end up looking more like they fell in the dirt. Use sparingly, people!

Bleached Eyebrows


The title of this one says all you need to know about one of the more recent eyebrow beauty trends, which is to shave off. bleach, or cover up eyebrows. This one is a definite “no.” Not having eyebrows can really throw off your entire face. Although, we will say if you are really into the whole androgynous-alien look, by all means, go for it!



Mouthpieces or grills have been around for a while, but in the past, they were typically reserved for men. However, nowadays even girls loosely affiliated with the rap and hip-hop world, like Kylie Jenner, are wearing them. We get you can afford lots of diamonds but putting them in your mouth just makes it look like you’ve got bad teeth.

Breast Contouring


Much like facial contouring, breast contouring is meant to create an illusion. In this case, it’s meant to create the illusion of fuller and perkier breasts. However, there is a definite caveat to this trend and that is to make sure you do it in good lighting or you will end up looking like a splotchy mess with a skin condition.

Holographic Lips


Holographic anything has been in style lately, a throwback to the late ’90s and early 2000s trends. Yet, it wasn’t really a good look back then and it still isn’t today. The metallic look is much too harsh on the face and makes it appear like you’re wearing a space alien costume instead of getting ready for a day on the town.

Eyelash Extensions


Alright, so eyelash extensions can be a great thing, especially if you were not born with amazing lashes of your own. However, this trend can definitely be taken over the top. Not to mention, that extensions are often damaging to your natural eyelashes and can leave them looking straggly. Is it worth the risk? We don’t think so.

Fuzzy Nails


Another of the more recent nail art trends are putting fuzzy pom poms on the end of your nails. Well, this trend might be great for photos only but who can actually function in the real world like this? With nails like this it would make it impossible to do anything, including washing your hands. Yuck.

Ombre Lips


Ombre lips are a relatively new trend which involves wearing multiple shades on the lips at once. While sometimes the trend can be quite pretty, you basically have to be a pro makeup artist to accomplish this look with an expert hand in blending. This one might be better left to the professionals!

Bringing Back the ’90s


In 2017, we saw the return of all things the ’90s, from hair to makeup trends. However, we think it’s better for everyone involved to leave super thin brows and iridescent eyeshadow as a thing of the past. These trends are cringe-worthy to look back on now, we can only imagine how it will be in another ten years!

Painful Face Masks


One trend that has been quite popular on the Internet as of late are trying out these super painful face masks. They are said to rip out all of the dirt out of your pores, including all of the tiny hairs on your face. However, estheticians have said this is actually not good for your face, leaving your pores completely exposed and likely to accumulate more dirt and even form blemishes.

Rainbow Eyebrows


Rainbow popped up in a lot of beauty trends in the past year. So naturally, people had to use the trend on their eyebrows. However, this look just looks like a Halloween costume and doesn’t really translate to real life. Can you imagine trying to have a serious conversation with someone with these brows? We can’t!

Faux Freckles


Okay, we get it. Freckles are super cute. However, if you were not blessed to be born with them on your face, painting a bunch on can just look bizarre! People have been getting them permanently tattooed on their face. We think this trend is a definite pass for us.

Black Highlighter


Okay, so the whole point of highlighter is to enhance a particular area on tof face. So black highlighter seems like it would pretty much defeat the purpose of highlighter in the first place. The look is super industrial and probably better suited for the runway instead of pumping gas at your local gas station, where you might get some questionable looks!

Barbed Wire Brows


Alright so what is it with people wanting to push the bar with their eyebrows?! It’s true when they say that eyebrows make the face, so why you would choose to have “barbed wire brows”?! These brows are created by using a massive amount of brow gel to make your eyebrow hair stick in different directions a la barbed wire. This one is just straight up strange if you ask us!

Glitter Roots


While glitter is super sparkly and fun it is also the most difficult of all makeup and craft products to clean up. Once you use glitter, even a small amount, it never goes away! You will be finding glitter for years. So, for this beauty trend, packing on a huge amount of glitter on to your hair roots seems a bit extreme. If you try this one, expect to be finding glitter in your hair until you’re at least 80 years old.