The Most Noteworthy Accessories Worn By Pop Culture’s Biggest Celebrities

Accessories play a huge part in what makes a celebrity’s fashion style so distinct. Just think of Mr. T’s famous gold chains or Cher’s feathered headpieces. From Pee-wee Herman’s red bowtie to Debbie Harry’s leather boots, these are some of the most famous accessories to ever enter the realm of pop culture.

Elton John’s Zany Sunglasses

Elton John has always been a standout, and not just because of his astounding talent. The man loves to wear anything that pops, so of course he’s a fan of glitzy sunglasses. We can’t imagine anyone pulling off the zany look the way Elton John has over the years.

Dave Simpson/WireImage/Getty Images
Dave Simpson/WireImage/Getty Images

The musician hasn’t just stuck with one pair, either. He’s sported all sorts of wild sunglasses over the years. In fact, it’s been said that he has more than a quarter-million pairs of glasses in his extensive collection!