Female Athletes Who Rocked Red Carpets

It can be hard to remember that all-star athletes aren’t always wearing athletic gear. When athletes get a certain level of fame, they might get the opportunity to appear on the red carpet. By walking the red carpet, they get to show a different side of themselves to the world. On the red carpet, your favorite athletes can let loose and show off their personal fashion. Outside of their uniform, we get a chance to see them for their accomplishments in and out of their sport.

Their talents and beauty transcend the gym. Check out these women athletes burning up the red carpet, and learn about what they’ve achieved inside and outside their sport.

Serena Williams Is A Force Of Nature

Serena Williams has been the face of women tennis for quite some time now. Some male players even consider her the best of all-time across both genders. She’s not one you want to be facing in the opening round.

Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images
Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

When it comes to getting dressed up, well, she’s not so bad at that either. She’s worn the same styles as the royal family before and whenever she steps onto the red carpet, you can expect that she will turn heads.