First Ladies’ Fashion Over The Years

Jackie’s Famous Fashion

Frances McLaughlin-Gill/Condé Nast via Getty Images
Frances McLaughlin-Gill/Condé Nast via Getty Images

Jackie was extremely careful about her media presence, and she was the first First Lady to hire a press secretary. She controlled the way she was to be perceived as well as the way her children were photographed. She was latched on to in media as “the ideal woman” and the rest of the Kennedy family was also considered to be the ideal – a kind of American royalty. According to academic Maurine Beasley, Jackie “created an unrealistic media expectation for first ladies that would challenge her successors”.

For the inauguration, she helped to design her own outfit with some help of fashion designer Ethan Frankou. She wore an off-white sleeveless silk chiffon gown which was embroidered with silver thread. She topped it off with a matching cape. Jackie knew the moment would be televised and thus picked a color which she knew would stand out on black and white television. Of course, the gown was a hit!