Gorgeous Royal Wedding Dresses That Stunned The World

When a royal wedding makes international headlines, the entire event often takes place under the watchful eyes of the public. People are intrigued by modern-day royalty, wanting to consume every last detail of the regal event: where the wedding is held, who is in attendance, and more importantly, what the bride’s dress looks like.

The wedding gowns of these queens, princesses, and duchesses are one of the main focal points for royal marriages, often becoming design inspirations for the public’s wedding fashions. Read on to see why…

Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms since her accession to the throne in 1952. Before her coronation she was known as Princess Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth II, as Princess Elizabeth, and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, styled Prince Philip in 1957, on their wedding day. She became queen on her father King George VI's death in 1952.
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

She married Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947.