It’s Finally Time We Recognize Make-Up As The Most Powerful Force In The World

For many people, makeup is more than just lipstick and foundation. It’s confidence in a bottle (Yes, I know what you’re thinking — so is Jack Daniel’s, but makeup comes without the regret) that allows you to feel like your best self.

There’s been a massive shift to the “au natural” look in many circles that basically says makeup is overrated and unnecessary. To each her own, but one thing is for certain, and that’s the sheer power that makeup gives someone mentally and emotionally. This is an incredible look at how makeup can change lives, both for the good and well, sometimes for the bad as well.

Half And Half

Can we just get it out of the way early that perfecting makeup is just as difficult as perfecting any other type of art? The knowledge that needs to be had just to be considered “okay” at blending, contouring, etc is just astonishing. This is why you need an honors degree to work at Sephora.

Half done Half not
YouTube/Compilation Plus
YouTube/Compilation Plus

Today we’re going to take a look at people who are makeup masters, like the woman here. And we’re also going to see some folks who aren’t exactly talented when it comes to applying makeup. They’re both fun!