NBA Players Who Take Their Style As Seriously As Their Game

In terms of clothing off the court, players of the NBA have evolved immensely. Back in the days when Larry Bird was playing and even up until Allen Iverson, there were no real rules regarding dress code and so players were often pretty sloppy. However, in 2005, former commissioner David Stern implemented a dress code for all NBA players, seen as a much-needed move to help improve the league’s image. The NBA players on this list especially stepped up their wardrobe game. The style of Russell Westbrook is sure to make you take a closer look!

Tristian Thompson – Cleveland Cavaliers


The big-bodied rebounding machine Tristian Thompson has made a name in the NBA after helping the Cavs and LeBron James win their first ring. He plays with an unmatched hustle and is expecting a baby with girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. His style has to be up to par to be around the Kardashians all the time.