The Most Outrageous Fashions of the 1960s

The 1960s are best known as a decade of experimentation. The early ’60s were reminiscent of the ’50s, but as the decade progressed, there were more bright, swirling colors and daring trends. Men wore tunics and capes while women donned unbelievably short skirts. Psychedelic, tie-dye shirts, long hair, and beards were here to stay!


1960 is a bit too close to the 1950s for there to much major groundbreaking style. There were several important tweaks to the status quo, but no revolutionary new ground had been broken in terms of making anyone embrace a more unique and interesting style trend.


Typically, a daytime look consisted of a bulbous hat over a high bouffant coiffure (or in other words, really big hair). There were wider silhouettes with deep armholes and wide sleeves and a rounded jacket that tapered in at the hem. The daytime look was pretty standard and safe. For evening, the daytime silhouettes were abandoned for a slender look, which was considered much more daring.