These Gorgeous Ladies Decided To Embrace Their Curly Hair, And The Results Are Breathtaking

Every day, all over the world, women with gorgeous, voluminous curly hair use heat and chemicals to fit into a straight-haired world. I think enough is enough. It’s time for people with curly hair to put away the straight irons and embrace what their mamas gave them (or their papas, those curls can come from anywhere).

Keep reading to see some gorgeous women who have decided to let their hair down. Let them inspire you to do the same.

Natural Hair Is Out To Play


Photo Credit: lexi1pax / Reddit

This lady shaved her head bald nine months ago after having chemically relaxed hair for fifteen years. Now she’s twenty-years-old, and she’s experiencing her natural hair type for the first time.

She says she’s experiencing a whole new part of herself, and she loves it.