These Vintage Bridesmaid Styles Prove That The “You Can Shorten It And Wear It Again!” Lie Has Been Around Forever

Traditionally, the role of the bridesmaid is to support the bride in any form and stand with her at the wedding. In reality, their job is to do whatever the bride wants without complaining. That means you have to walk, talk, act, and most importantly, dress however the bride wants.

These vintage bridesmaids are proof that women have been biting their lip and wearing what the bride wants for decades, even if it means looking like a shiny medieval matron. It may have been the fashion trend back then, but these tacky bridesmaid dresses are a sight for sore eyes.

I Guess This Is One Way To Dress For A Winter Wedding

I don’t care what the trends were back in the ’70s, because I know it wasn’t purple satin with faux-fur trim and a fuzzy fascinator.

Photo credit: Awkward Family Photos / Pinterest
Photo credit: Awkward Family Photos / Pinterest

This is obviously for a winter wedding, but all these muffs end up looking like handcuffs that the bride has used to make sure none of them run away and burn their dresses.