Film Scenes So Fancy, It’s Hard To Believe It’s Not CGI

For modern-day films, computer-generated images (CGI) seems to be the name of the game. Throw the actors in front of a green screen and BAM! They’re now running for their lives through some jungle trying to escape a horde of vicious lions. Then there are those times where studios decide to do their special effects in the old-fashioned and practical way.

Take First Man; the filmmakers went through lengths to get specialized light bulbs to make an “authentic” sun during the moon landing. Apparently, regular light bulbs aren’t bright enough. So, real, or not real, truly is the question when it comes to movie effects that look like CGI!

The Infamous Tray Catch In Spider-Man

While Spider-Man is supposed to have some of the quickest reflexes ever, Toby Maguire isn’t technically Spidey. So, it isn’t unusual for people to think the heavy CGI-based film used a bit of computer animation to make the cafeteria tray-catch scene perfect. As it turns out, McGuire did that all by himself.

The Infamous Tray Catch In Spider-Man Took Many Takes
Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures

Using superglue on the tray, so Maguire was able to hold it along with co-star Kirsten Dunst, the Spider-Man actor had to perfectly time out each object in order to catch them and have them stay put. Amazingly, Maguire was able to do it! Of course, it was the 156th take when it happened.